Monday, November 16, 2015

Houston Prevails Again!

If the Cincinnati Bengals have to go through Houston or face the Texans in the playoffs Andy Dalton's drought in the playoffs will continue.

Houston prevails again against the Cincinnati Bengals for the fifth time in a defensive battle that the Bengals thought they had wrapped up.

The Bengals started out strong showing what their offensive schemes have been able to do to start the season undefeated. But the Houston Texans came up with the perfect defense to put Andy Dalton and his offense on their heels.

It has been over eighty years since an undefeated team has been held without a touchdown through an entire game! JJ Watt and the defense never let up on Dalton and the offense.

In a game that the Cincinnati Bengals were favored to win by 10+ points, the Houston Texans showed the country on National TV on Monday Night that there is two parts to an NFL season and they are here to show what their true character is!

Hats off to the Houston Texans and the coaching staff in a game plan strategy that played out almost perfectly!


Rams Got the Worst of Trade

Well through nine games in looks like the Rams should have lighter luggage to move to L.A. The Rams got the worst of trade between Sam Bradford and Nick Foles.

In Sunday's lost to the Chicago Bears, Nick Foles missed more open receivers then most quarterbacks get in a game.

The St. Louis Rams traded for Foles on a two year contract  for $24 million dollars because in his three years at Philadelphia he threw for 6753 yards, 46 touchdowns  and only 17 interceptions.

This season is just over halfway and he has 1678 yards, 7 touchdowns, 6 interceptions and a quarterback rating averaging just 80.6. He really has only shined in three games against Seattle, Arizona and San Francisco. Those three are divisional and the defense and special teams did more for the score then the offense did.

No matter where the Rams play the 2016 season, they seriously need to get their back-up quarterback involved now or in the off-season they should definitely be looking for another quarterback.


Peyton Manning Benched!

It's about time that Peyton Manning take his bow and get out of football! John Elway recruited the best quarterback at the time to bring another Super Bowl back to Denver. But with coach changes and change of personnel it doesn't look like Denver is going to see a Super Bowl anytime soon.

Yes, Peyton Manning is banged up and probable should not have played in Sunday's lost to the Kansas City Chiefs. But he is such a competitor, he wants to go out and win at all cost.

But, what made Peyton Manning so great in the first place was his work ethic. He was spending hours in the film room when he played in Indianapolis and knew the defenses as well as the defenses knew themselves. Now he spends those film hours in front of the camera for Papa John's Pizza, Nationwide and a host of other sponsors paying him millions of dollars to do commercials.

This is a sport that demands full-time dedication on a weekly basis just to be able to play let along be able to master. Peyton Manning has to decide if he wants to be a super star on the field with what time he has left or to go on and be a star in commercials. The sad thing about it the sponsors will not want him if he retires from football, well not as high demand as now. We are seeing it more and more it this sport where players that are excelling in they position are be drawn into the commercial making business and this is only taking away from their ability and focus on the sport that they love to using that time to make millions of dollars and cheating their fans out of their best playing ability.

I think that Peyton Manning should go on and retire before he ends up like Brett Favre tarnishing his great record on the football field that once was his only passion.

Should Manning retire? Or continue to hurt his team because of pride and competitive nature?


Monday, November 9, 2015

Panthers that Good or Packers that Bad

It was a shoot out in Carolina with the Panthers staying undefeated at 8-0 and possibly home-field advantage through the playoffs.

 The Panthers were able to sack Rodgers five times, a fumble and a interception. Last week after having his worst day of his career at just 77 yards, Rodgers was able to throw for 369 yards.

Cam Newton threw for 297 yards and ran for 57, but his accuracy is still at just 50% completion.

The Packers had a total of 71 yards rushing which included 22 from Rodgers. Last week only 90 yards, we all know that you are not going to win to many games with having no rushing to use up the clock. The first six wins was against so so teams but now meeting up with two undefeated teams the Packers were chewed up. Don't know what Aaron Rodgers said when he threw down the tablet but if you are good at lip reading I think you can figure it out!

Is the Panthers that worthy of 8-0 or is the Green Bay Packers going into rebuild mode?  


Friday, November 6, 2015

Can Anyone Go Undefeated

With the season at the half way point, is there any team that is capable of going undefeated?

First you have to look at the defended Champions, New England Patriots. They are averaging over 35 points per game which is the best in the NFL. They defense really has no big names but have kept opponents to an average of just 19 points.

The Denver Broncos started off show on the offense this year with new head coach  Gary Kubiak and offensive coach Rick Dennison. Peyton Manning first six weeks throwing 10 interceptions and only 7 touchdowns. But week eight he seem to have things under control taking on the Green Bay Packers along with the defense all over Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers had a total yards of 77 and no touchdowns and his lowest quarterback rating of 69.7

Cincinnati Bengals is going at a pace of almost 400 yards of offense per game and averaging 26 points. The defense has only an average of 18 points per game. Can Andy Dalton keep up this pace and still be able to get into the playoffs and finally get over the playoff blues?

Then there is the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton looks as if he has finally found his way to be a leader of this team, and next to Aaron Rodgers is the most mobile quarterback of the four. He is averaging 40 yards rushing as a quarterback, he still is not that accurate with his passing averaging just 54% completion. The real test will be November 8th when he will host Aaron Rodgers and the Green Packers who are coming off their worst performance of the year losing to the Denver Broncos.

So, is there a team that is capable of going all the way?  Is this a year where we had our first Triple Crown winner American Pharoah go on to win the Grand Slam with the win at the Breeders Cup? Is the Miami Dolphins record going to stand, it does look interesting.

                                                                 YES OR NO?

                                                                   YES OR NO?


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cardinals are Vulnerable

Well I don't think the Arizona Cardinals are as good as everyone keeps talking about. The Baltimore Ravens showed how vulnerable both their defense and offense is. Their first three games were against basically Nobodies at the time, Saints, Bears and 49ers who today only has 7 wins between them through 7 weeks!

If the Baltimore Ravens had not made a few mistakes and penalties (some not fair), they could have won the game. If Palmer can not just sit in the pocket and throw to his talented receiving corps, he is not mobile enough to do anything, thanks goes to Chris Johnson!

I think the St. Louis Rams have a much better consistent defense then the Cardinals and with Gurley in the backfield this team can run over the Cardinals just as they did in Week 4. They still have to play the Seahawks  twice and Cincinnati Bengals.

I think the St. Louis Rams wins the division and will give some teams a tough way to go if Foles can continue playing outside the division as well as he does against division teams.

Good Luck Cardinals!  Watch these highlights and see just how easy Baltimore made it look and they are 1-6!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Emotional Night for Steve Gleason and Saints

It was nine years ago that Steve Gleason put himself into the spotlight and the record books, blocking an attempted punt by punter Micheal Koenen of the Atlanta Falcons. It was an emotional high because it was the first game that the New Orleans Saints were back in the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina had devastated the city in 2005.

This one moment became the symbol of just not one player excelling at his position for the play, it showed that New Orleans determination to come back stronger after such devastation.
Steve was diagnosed with ALS in January of 2011, has since shown the same determination and disciplined that he had as a football player to speak out about this disease and the roll it plays with professional football players as well as the general public. Steve has established The Gleason Initiative Foundation which is a charitable 501c3 non-profit corporation.

Nine years later another special teams player Michael Mauti also in the first quarter in the Superdome blocks an attempted punt and scoops it up to score a touchdown! 

This sparked an emotional lift for the New Orleans who at 1-4 on the season was in desperation to win against the 4-0 Atlanta Falcons, no one gave them a chance. But Drew Brees and company showed the country just how much respect they have for their former player and his determination to help others with the disease.

This also has inspired me, I lost my brother-in-law in 2014 to ALS. He never played football but he loved to watch and go to games. It all started with just a slur of speech like he had a mild stroke are something. After several weeks of test he was diagnosed with ALS and passed away 8 month's later at the age of 56. This inspired me to do something to fight for the continuing research to find a cure for this disease and keep his memory alive. I hope you will come help us in the fight also!